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Welcome to the network is comprised of an outdoor-focused network of enthusiasts deeply involved in the markets of professional bass fishing, walleye fishing, and saltwater fishing. The professional fishing industry supports hundreds of fishing tackle manufacturers, outdoor-related merchandise stores, national chain big-box outfitters, fishing boat manufacturers, and much more. If you are looking for a group of sports-minded people incredibly dedicated to their sport, look no further.

An industry that can't be overlooked

We market to the 40+ million consumers in the outdoor industry. Our network of professional fishing competitors have the unique capability to captivate their regional audience at fishing tournament events, tv-broadcasted weigh-ins, industry trade shows, and club meetings. works with athletes that represent over 160 different fishing tournament circuits across multiple markets. This grass-roots based approach creates a strong footing for any sponsorship and marketing program, and allows for exceptional brand and product awareness across North America.